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Actionlab - Creative Alchemy. Turning Corporate Minds into Organizational Gold.

Passion is evanescent, the object and source of which changing constantly. We work with our passions, those that have been around since our eyes opened, those that drive us, those that are permanent. Because nobody in school taught us about these, we keep practicing on ourselves, experiment sometimes even beyond borders of our
comfort zones with the aim of becoming better.

We play poker to make better decisions. We make business and negotiate to get better in poker. We watch and analyze, discuss and travel to develop a better understanding of people and the environment. We thrive to understand emotions. We meet and get to know new people, we move to Singapore to know our way around attractive operation, charisma and the principals of building a trust.

We quit smoking to understand what makes people change and why it is difficult for them to do so. To see what the requirements are for lasting change in one’s behavior. We research and practice how we can pass on our knowledge. There has to be a medium, to show this to other people, to teach other people. Because you don’t need to be born with it. You can learn it.

Actionlab is the medium. In Hungary, Singapore, Poland and Austria. For now.

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