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- Look who is here? The luckiest man on Earth is home!
- Oh, you are so sweet! How was work today?
- Just the usual stuff. They cut our budget like we expected. Charlie’s team was nit-picking again and we had to postpone the project. But I’ll handle it as I always do. How about you? How was your day?
- Tom got an A in math. But wait, what do you mean they were nit-picking? What happened?
- They think that I don’t understand them. And the way I see it, is no matter what I say, they don’t accept it. Just for spite. And yet I’m regarded as negative and rigid.
- Don’t worry honey; it will turn out all right! You can be so positive and inspiring!
- You know what I’ve been thinking about lately? When I was a little kid, I visited the office with my grandfather. He was the boss. He took me with him quite often. Of course I was only 10 years old, and didn’t quite understand what was happening. But do you know what I remember? His charisma. Some kind of positive and good vibe that was always around him. Wherever he went, he was always greeted so merrily. Of course there were fights and problems just like today. Sometimes he had to step up really hard, but somehow that… aura always remained. The people accepted him even in tough situations, and lined up behind him. And he was always telling stories, even to his co-workers. You know, he was a real character. He was always smiling and he made other people smile too. He was able to cheer people up.
- How did this come to your mind?
- Well you know, I was thinking about what his secret was… How did he do that with other people… Whether… Whether I could do that too? To inspire and lead them like he did.


Have you ever met someone who is a professional at what he is doing, who has quick wits, but will never be a Leader?
Rarely do we see a leader, who is capable – either privately or in front of the whole team – to inspire and control. Why isn’t it obvious what and how he has to say in order to be interesting, memorable and motivating at the same time? The reason simple: neither at school, nor at home were we taught how we can be charismatic. Only a lucky few have seen good examples.

We see luck differently than others this is why we developed the Charismatic Leader training. Utilizing the analogy of dating psychology.

A leader performs in every single moment. Whether he likes it or not, whether he takes it as an opportunity or a threat, his or her behavior is judged every minute of a workday. The leader of the 21st century recognizes that through self-congruent, charismatic behavior, he can leave a mark in his environment, and that occasionally a single, well-placed sentence can decide about winning an assignment, about the career of an employee, or about the results of an offsite workshop on strategy.

Overpassing weak-heartedness, dealing with the unexpected or frightening situations quickly and self-confidently, initiating a light conversation in the break of a conference, answering effectively to offensive questions, and to raise and keep attention for ourselves.

The aura, charisma is what makes people follow leaders, and not just carry out their orders. In case it is the company’s aim, to be attractive for the clients, then charismatic, inspiring leaders and managers are needed.
With the help of social psychology we reach for the most important experiences of dating situations. Because those are situations that have great personal stakes: whether the other person likes us or not.

We found a method to refute the dubious. A method, to make lions out of lambs. Someone:
who has situation independent confidence in any interpersonal relationship
who is impressive beside being persuasive
who is capable to energize a room or even an auditorium full of people
who leaves a positive impression in interpersonal situations, in a self-congruent way, that lingers on long after he has
left the building
who is able to introduce the attractiveness of passion


Whether you like it or not
The Charismatic Leadership program deals with the basic issues of our social interactions. Overcoming weak-heartedness, dealing with the unexpected or frightening situations quickly and self-confidently, initiating a light conversation in the break of a conference, answering effectively to offensive questions, and to raise and keep attentions for ourselves. To mention our favorite example: upon entering the elevator, we meet the number one executive of the international group, who asks how we are doing. Are we going to be able to say anything interesting, important or noteworthy to him between the 8th floor and the ground floor?

Charisma training

- Be a bit more charismatic!
- Thank you, I’ll try.

The kind of impression we make is in large part up to us, and not others. In order to make that thought sink in, we broke down charisma to patterns that can be improved, and test the existing skills of people in unusual situations. Building on the experiences we aim at strengthening that self-congruent charisma. We learn to introduce ourselves. Ourselves, the company, the field, all this in a way to make sure that the other party will remember us. We introduce storytelling in business meetings. We practice a lot, during which strangers will give feedback to the participants about what kind of impression they left.

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