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    Tino Engel  
    Developing decision making through poker is my passion.


My curiosity led me to such an alternative when I found poker. I quickly developed a fascination for this decision-making game. Crunching numbers, developing strategies and constantly working on my mindset to handle both winning and losing became my daily business. I was driven by my desire to develop myself, explore new ideas, and share my discoveries with others. It was only a question of time until I would bring it all together into a business. I build a consultancy for professional poker players first followed by founding ActionLab Germany.
Nowadays my focus is on being a business owner and trainer of ActionLab Germany. In partnership with ActionLab International, I have developed the decision-making training program named DecisionLabTM. DecisionLabTM is a hands-on training program for business executives. The program provides a unique opportunity to combine experience in business with the expertise of a professional poker player to enhance and sharpen the skills and application of decision making. The gamification nature of the training program refines new understanding by the immediate application using poker as a microcosm of (business) life.
My fascination for poker, as well as my passion for public speaking and neurolinguistics programming, ensures that my teaching in decision-making and self-development is as easy to understand as possible. Moreover, my children are the best daily reminder that real learning happens only in an engaging and exciting atmosphere

    Peter Vitezy  
    The new personal and team challenge
is to conquer the World.


There are two reasons I became a trainer. First is poker second is friends. A good friend of mine "infected" me with poker many years ago. Three of us came together regularly playing the game and developing our poker skills and - as we found later - ourselves. Pretty soon we were discussing everyday events in poker terms as well.  We got very enthusiastic with my friends to show the world what we have learnt from this strategic card game for our business and private life. So we created our DecisionLab training. Developing decision making through poker: at the first time it was just a “ceush”, a hobby as I was the Pharmacy Business Unit Director at Teva back then. Those days are gone now and after 17 years at multinational companies ( Hungarian Telekom, DHL also) the focus shifted completely. After establishing our own company it was fun to develop new programs and become a more comprehensive trainer and expert. Behaviour analysis in negotiations, dating psychology in sales and leadership were added to the passionate interests of the group. The new personal and team challenge is to conquer the World. Singapore, Warsaw, Vienna are the first cities. And we have just started. 

    Marcell Kardos  
    A trainer never apologizes. I took the liberty of disregarding the latter.  


2006: The first feedback to my activites as a trainer was that it would be even more dynamic, if I started my presentation shuffling a deck of cards. The second was that a trainer never apologizes. I took the liberty of disregarding the latter.
2007: Held my first self-developed training, entitled DecisionLab - Poker in business. We have developed the program with a few friends over the weekends while we were working elsewhere. It is still unclear to this day whose idea it really was (I think it was mine, they say it was theirs).
2008: I started working at one of the best companies of the world (Microsoft), managing the Hosting branch. I often hear arguments from friends, attacking Microsoft, I usually step up and defend them.
2010: It was a busy year. We have founded ActionLab (the company where I am the only one who remembers what happened when), I have left Microsoft and we have developed our second training entitled Business Lies. This really was my idea.
2011: My bookshelf filled up with books on dating. Our new training method was taking shape: how can you leave a positive impression, how can someone learn to be attractive? Attraction based sales as well as the social psychology of charisma. Based on the idea of one of our clients.
2012: I conquer Singapore to start up ActionLab Asia, I use the methodology developed in 2011, and train employees of the Bank of Tokyo in Jakarta. I shuffle some cards while explaining the rules.
2013: Austria and Poland. And counting.

    Gabor Szvoboda  
    Progress. Change. Slowly but surely. This keeps me going.


Since back in the time the trainer profession was not really represented during vocational guidance, I took a few byways until I found it for myself. When I was a kid, I played a lot a of computer games, but it really bugged me that I always had to ask for help to understand the English games, so I tried myself in a private English course. I stayed for 8 years. Later on, my friends urged me to join their amateur acting company, because I told them that I wanted a hobby which gives something to the people around me. I was a member of the company for 10 years. Meanwhile, I attended a mind control course, which has had a major influence on my positive attitude and my passion for psychology ever since. To this day, these three things proved to be my best investments. ActionLab and the trainer profession helped me to combine them. I graduated from ELTE-BTK as an American Studies philologist, from SZTE-BTK as a Behavior Analyst and I’ll leave BME as a psychologist. I held jobs as a translator, an interpreter, dictionary editor, I used to be a volunteer at the Neurology Center in Szeged, and I studied the mysteries of human language with the methods of cognitive psychology. Progress. Change. Slowly but surely. This keeps me going. This is what I would like to give to other people as a trainer.

    Mark Mulrainey  
    Why complain about something if you can change it?


It taken me many years to fully understand and believe this. While sailing in the world championships in Sydney harbour, the wind was difficult to read. Running my own restaurant and hotel in the UK, the breakfast chef calls in sick for the 3rd time that week, time for me to roll my sleeves up and make breakfast for 60 people AGAIN. While pushing myself through Physical and mental torture of running 3 marathons a year and a few triathlons. Now finally after an introduction to some crazy Hungarians and lots of poker (which I love) I am building a training business, using all my professional and life experiences. Still trying not to be afraid of change. Still trying not to complain. Work in Progress!

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