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- How are we doing, with the client Roland?
- We had a meeting two weeks ago boss.
- Don’t call me boss. So where do we stand, are we going to have a deal?
- Honestly, I don’t know. I called him this week, but he didn’t answer, and never called me back. I think our product is outstanding, but the competition is strong too.
- Yes, yes, but did he say anything? Anything at all that might help us in what should our final offer look like?
- Unfortunately we are not on such good terms.
- What do you mean?
- I wouldn’t say we have a close relationship. We mostly talked about business, what they would like, and about what we offer, in what ways we differ from the competition.
- All right, so you basically gave him the usual business pitch, right? You won’t have a personal relationship, let alone trust between the two of you this way. All he can see in you is a corporate soldier, a faceless salesman. One of many…
- But boss, business always comes first, am I supposed to make friends at meetings?!
- I told you not to call me boss! You are missing the point…


Do you know how many business opportunities are wasted just because there was no "chemistry"? Because the salesperson and the client couldn’t "connect"?
We live in the time of "very similar products". One salesperson is just like the other. They are prepared about their products and their own companies. They recite the USPs by heart, and ask one open question after the other. Their clients won’t even remember them after a few hours.

The reason for being easily forgettable is simple: they were trained to the good old sales techniques: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (or AIDA) or Feature-Advantage-Benefit (FAB).

One salesperson is just like the other. We developed the Attraction Based Sales for those, who want to stand out. Customers nowadays do not choose a company because it offers great products.
We are living in an entertainment society. We remember that one story a charismatic Everest-climber told us in his speech at a fiscal conference, but we don’t remember the contents of the slides of previous presentations.

Similarly, customers had developed a wide range of defense-mechanisms against typical sales methods.

They are drawn by the energy and personality of a salesperson who goes beyond selling, and negotiating with him is simply an experience. Naturally at one point in the process, you have to cite the benefits of your product but not in the usual manner.

We know all the academic stuff: sales cycle, negotiation process, USP, FAB. All right, but where is the personality behind all that? Where is the salesperson:
whom his clients call, if they need something?
who is recommended every day?
who gets called back quickly, and who gets meaningful replies to his e-mails?
who actually spends client meetings with the clients?
who has a close relationship with his business partners?
who can give the final offer?
who is trusted and liked by his clients?

We believe that THIS salesperson can be found in much more people than you’d think. We know how to bring such a person out in the limelight using our own method that provides the liberating feeling of being attractive. Most people believe that attraction and charisma cannot be taught. Well, we happen to have the ways to do just that. We can help the salespeople build trusted relationships. Regardless of whom they negotiate with. This is how their personalities and appearance will become an advantage for the whole company.


Entering the elevator
The Attraction-based sales program deals with the basic issues of social interactions. Overcoming weak-heartedness, dealing with the unexpected or frightening situations quickly and self-confidently, initiating a light conversation in the break of a conference, answering effectively to offensive questions, and raising and keeping attention for ourselves. To mention our favorite example: upon entering the elevator, you meet the number one executive of the international group, who asks how we are doing. Are we going to be able to say anything interesting, important or noteworthy to him between the 8th floor and the ground floor? How can we do this, by making him feel that what we said was for him personally

Self-consistent attraction
The focus of our training program is the attractive approach, but at the same time, we don’t aim to plant artificial behavior patterns in the personalities of participants. On the contrary: we believe that the attractive operation can be learned, acquired, but at the same time we also believe that every person has their own way and own unique tools to become apt and self-confident in the eyes of their environment. We aim for a natural appeal, for the self-evident power of the personality.

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